Almost 100 per cent of all US kiwifruit comes from California, but that doesn't mean New Zealand can't have a crack at the market, says Roland Fumasi.

Rabobank's Senior Horticulture Analyst told The Country's Jamie Mackay that the shipping season in the northern hemisphere meant California shouldn't trouble New Zealand too much.

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"The California season tends to align directly with the Italian shipping season ... so if I'm a New Zealand producer I don't necessarily see California as a big threat to US market share" said Fumasi.


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Although kiwifruit wasn't a "big deal" in the American diet at the moment, consumers were starting to pick up on it said Fumasi - although it had a long way to go before it caught up other, more popular products.

"On a per capita basis, if you take the entire US population, we only eat about a quarter of a kg per person of kiwifruit.

"Compare that to something like strawberries which is almost four kilograms per person".

"So it's not huge yet, but it's one of the more rapidly growing products in the fruit and nut space in the US market".

Also in today's interview: Fumasi talked about the organic farming market in California.