A fire that swept through 200 hectares at Skippers Canyon near Queenstown has been extinguished.

The fire broke out on Saturday morning and destroyed a woodshed and a vehicle.

Six helicopters and seven ground crews were brought in to douse the fire with monsoon buckets and hoses.

Central Otago deputy principal rural fire officer Mark Mawhinney said the ground and helicopter crews had done a stellar job over the last 24 hours and would be pleased with the outcome of their efforts.


Large scrub fire near Queenstown 'largely contained', woodshed and car destroyed

"After tackling the blaze yesterday, and conducting preparatory work this morning to ensure there were no flare-ups, we have not found any hot spots along the perimeter," he said.

"We will send most of the crew home this afternoon but will continue to monitor the situation with a few more checks today, and we will keep a close eye on the weather."

Mawhinney said the fire was likely caused by embers from a controlled burn which was left unattended.

"We have been relatively lucky with this one as there has been minimal damage to property, but this should serve as a reminder for us all," he said.

"If you are doing a controlled burn, please keep an eye on your fire, stay alert to the changing conditions around you, and once you are finished please put the fire out completely."