This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay welcomed Rabobank's new GM Country banking Bruce Weir to the show.

This week's top interviews are:

Dr Jacqueline Rowarth:

Farmers can do many things, but they cannot do all things. Contrary to popular belief they cannot produce whatever food they want on their land. So says one of New Zealand's leading farming academics.


Damien O'Connor:

We ask the Minister of Agriculture why he was in Japan playing rugby when he should have been back home fronting farmer meetings about the government's controversial water reforms.

Bruce Weir:

We welcome on to The Country Rabobank's new GM of Country Banking.

Doug Avery:

We head to Marlborough to catch up with the Resilient Farmer on the eve of his departure for a speaking tour to the UK as he continues the good fight for rural mental health.

Winston Peters:

The Acting PM says "hang on, help is on its way" as he prepares to ride into town on his high horse to save rural New Zealand from unfair treatment when it comes to the freshwater reforms. We also discuss his health, work visas for migrant workers and the Rugby World Cup.


Listen below: