Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay, who got a C minus in economics, thought it prudent to ask independent economist Cameron Bagrie for his insight on a NZ Institute of Economic Research report.

On with the show:

Hamish Walker and Kieran McAnulty:

Today's panel features two young rural MPS from differing islands with differing political persuasions and on the agenda is the sad passing of shearing legend Koro Mullins, the Parliamentarians' Rugby World Cup and farmer response to the freshwater reforms.


Cameron Bagrie:

Is an independent economist who vehemently disagrees with the New Zealand Institute for Economic Research's assertion that "due to the relatively small size of the dairy industry, the freshwater reforms are unlikely to be major at the national level, and not felt for many years due to the long lead-in times proposed".

Colin Glass:

The chief executive of Dairy Holdings previews two farmer field days coming up following last year's Pasture Summits in Hamilton and Ashburton.

Damien O'Connor:

We ask the Minister of Agriculture why he was in Japan playing rugby when he should have been back home fronting farmer meetings about the government's controversial water reforms.

Listen below: