A new horse float will benefit horses, and ultimately riders, at Riding for the Disabled in Whanganui.

RDA has received a $39,000 grant from New Zealand Community Trust to buy the float. The branch previously had the use of a horse truck, but when it failed its certificate of fitness, NZCT was approached for help.

"With the support from NZCT to purchase a horse float, we are now able to make use of the grazing around the region," Wanganui RDA secretary Jalissa Gage said.

"This will allow us to run more horses and keep our current team happy to help more people."


The NZCT grant fully covers the cost of the new float and also contributes towards buying a towing vehicle.

RDA relies on animals to assist with the therapy of the people it supports. The horses need to be performing at their physical and mental peak during sessions. The float will help with taking the horses for a ride offsite each week to keep them fresh and ready to help.

Gage said Wanganui RDA had a significant positive impact on people in the community who are disabled and had assisted 64 riders during the past year.

"We give people with a range of disabilities ability. Be it freedom of movement, communication skills, self-confidence, social skills and much more. Our programmes are tailor-made for each individual and work alongside their other support networks to achieve common goals."

Over the years NZCT has been a major supporter of Wanganui RDA, helping to fund a range of items and projects.

"Without NZCT we would struggle to achieve what we do on a daily basis," Gage said.

"We have a waiting list at present and, with the support of NZCT, we are making improvements to be able to assist more people with our programmes."