Steve, a goat from Whenuapai, has become world famous in Auckland after his wild adventures were caught on camera.

The 90kg goat, who has his own Instagram page, has made a name for himself by becoming a favourite among youngsters during his regular outings around the city.

Steve, who acts more like a dog than a goat, and his faithful owner Grant Solley have been seen strolling the streets giving onlookers and curious locals a delightful surprise.

The famous goat, who had a twin brother Dave, has been snapped in some of Auckland's most popular locations including walking along the beach, visiting Bunnings, getting a warrant at VTNZ, shopping at Albany mall and grabbing a glass of milk at local cafes around Auckland.


Solley told the Herald that while Steve is lonely following the death of his twin, he's been basking in the glory of his active social life with the residents of Auckland, including bringing smiles to children's faces.

"Steve has been going everywhere with me, but now he's all alone he comes to work with me. He's very noisy now that he's lonely.

"It's company for him and when I get him out and about, not everyone gets to see a goat so it's a really cool experience.

"He's so relaxed, it's due to getting him out and socialising. He's used to dogs approaching him and children wanting a pat.

"I just love the reaction, it gives everyone one of those cheap smiles. You don't have to go anywhere or pay for entertainment. Steve loves it and the kids love it as well.

"I nearly took him through Albany Mall but I had a dog with me. It says no dogs but it didn't say no goats!"

Steve even sleeps inside, has his own mattress in the lounge and loves watching TV.

The affectionate goat will soon have another brother to take to the streets with, with Solley confirming he's going to get Steve another companion.