Simmental, a breed traditionally recognised for its fast live weight gain, has now toppled Angus for eating quality, according to the results of the latest Beef + Lamb NZ trial.

The Beef + Lamb New Zealand Beef Progeny Test (BPT), compares bulls under NZ commercial farming conditions.

Established in 2014, the BPT involves mating 2200 cows and heifers each year, assessing steers for their finishing performance and carcass traits.

In the latest trials, held in April 2019, results have shown Simmentals are hitting targets for both growth and eating quality quicker than other breeds, and the farming community is sitting up and taking notice.

"More New Zealand farmers should be utilising Simmental genetics and those who aren't, are missing an opportunity to boost their bottom line. Simmental sires are getting better rates of both growth and eating quality than other breeds and that's very encouraging news," says Simmental Council President, Colleen Knauf.

Simmental at Feilding Weaner Fair 2018. Photo / Supplied
Simmental at Feilding Weaner Fair 2018. Photo / Supplied

In the results, Simmental outranked NZ Angus for Beef Eating Quality Reserve Grade, with an average score of 44.6 per cent while the Angus scored an average of 43.8 per cent.

Out of the 52 sires tested, Simmental ranked 3 and 4, while Angus could only reach a highest ranking of 14.

Knauf said the latest results again confirmed that Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) work.

"EBVs across breeds do a good job of improving actual performance, with 73 per cent of the sires EBVs turning into actual calf performance. If you use improved EBVs, you will get improved calves. And better calves equal better money," she said.

"Popular belief has placed Angus as the breed to deliver on eating quality, but as the results show, Simmental is now punching above its weight when it comes to EQ" said Knauf.

Simmental also took out top placing at the 2018 Steak of Origin competition.