The relatively mild winter weather continues to supply us with good volumes of fresh fruit and produce. Low prices continue on all green vegetables with broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages the standouts this week. The winter favourites of celery, silverbeet, leeks and spinach are all in good condition and regular shipments of Australian round green beans and courgettes are selling well.

Crown pumpkin prices remain low, good quality orange butternut supplies are shortening up and the selection of potatoes is good.

Top quality rua and agria potatoes remain the top selling lines and look at the 10kg bags of either for the best prices.

Northland kumara supplies are looking good, prices have firmed a touch but the volume in storage is ideal for this time of year. With good volumes of Pukekohe onions available prices have moved back a fraction over the last few days with the 10kg bags very good buying. Ohakune produce is in good supply despite the odd rough day of weather down there. Look for fresh carrots, swedes, Brussels sprouts and washed potatoes all at good prices again this week.


In the salad area we can expect another month of high prices on local tomatoes and capsicums with very low volumes available in the market place, quite typical for the middle of winter.

Iceberg lettuces and cucumbers are selling at reasonable prices and you will find a good selection of hydroponic lettuces and salad mixes to choose from.

After an early rush of picking the volume of avocados available in the market place is back to normal and prices have settled accordingly.

Apples, oranges and kiwifruit are the big news items in the fruit section again this week.
You will find Pacific rose, Pacific queen, pink lady, fuji, Granny Smith and royal gala all at good prices either loose or in 3kg bags.

Both Kerikeri and Gisborne navel oranges are superb eating and reasonably priced and late season Gisborne mandarins are selling well.

Green and gold kiwifruit, pears, tamarillos, lemons, limes and grapefruit are some of the other fruit options, your typical winter line-up.

Imports arriving this week will include Australian strawberries and melons, Mexican mangoes, Chilean grapes, US cherries, Ecuador bananas and both pineapples and pawpaws from the Philippines.

Remember to buy what is in season and on special.


• David Stewart David Stewart is the owner of The Fresh Market Gate Pa and home delivery service