Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay asked Winston Peters if giving out discounts for electric vehicles while charging fees for "gas guzzlers" is fair on ute-driving farmers.

On with the show:

Winston Peters:

The Acting PM and New Zealand First leader defends the coalition government's policy on electric vehicles, defends the government's forestry policy and defends politicians and their carbon footprints.


Barbara Kuriger and Andy Thompson:

Today's panel features the MP for Taranaki King Country (and former Dairy Woman of the Year) plus a former West Coast cow cocky as debate the issues of the day.

Craig Carr:

The chief executive of Carrfields, one of New Zealand's leading agribusiness companies, comments on M.bovis, raging bull sales and the burgeoning hemp industry.

Todd Charteris:

We ask Rabobank NZ's chief executive where are interest rates going, what will the additional cost to borrowers be if the banks have to hold more capital and what is his advice to farmers - fix of float - with potentially two more OCR cuts in the pipeline? We also preview the Trans-Tasman Rabobank Leadership Awards.

Seth Carrier:

We ask a NIWA's weather forecaster if the east coast of the South Island is heading for a "winter drought".


Listen below: