Alexandra woolhandler and shearer Pagan Karauria has crowned a busy penultimate day at her world championships with a win in the All Nations open woolhandling final.

Karauria, 30, created some sort of history by reaching the final after reaching the women's shearing final on Thursday. Tina Elers, of Mataura and representing Cook Islands in the World Championships, was fourth.

Golden Shears and New Zealand shearing champion Rowland Smith, of Hastings, was runner-up to Welsh international Richard Jones in the All Nations open shearing final, and teammate Cam Ferguson, of Waipawa, was sixth.

Canterbury blade shearer Allan Oldfield was third in the All Nations blade shearing final won by reigning world champion Mayenseke Shweni, of South Africa.


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There was a big New Zealand win also in the All Nations senior shearing final, won by Alex Smith, of Rakaia, son of former New Zealand World championships representative Grant Smith.

Marley Waihape, of Mataura who was also at the championships representing Cook Islands, was third.

RESULTS from finals of French All Nations events at the 18th Golden Shears World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships at Le Dorat, France, on Thursday-Sunday July 4-7, 2019:
French All Nations Championships:

Open final (20 sheep): Richard Jones (Wales) 16min 49sec, 62.95pts, 1; Rowland Smith (New Zealand) 15min 50sec, 63.9pts, 2; Gavin Mutch (Scotland) 14min 55sec, 66.85pts, 3; Jack Fagan (New Zealand) 16min 51sec, 67.55pts, 4; Ivan Scott (Ireland) l6min 7sec, 69.2pts, 5; Cam Ferguson (New Zealand) 15min 24sec, 71.05pts, 6.

Senior final (12 sheep): Alex Smith (New Zealand) 11min 41sec, 51.123pts, 1; Llyr Jones (Wales) 12min 19sec, 52.95pts, 2; Marley Waihape (New Zealand) 12min 13sec, 55.317pts, 3; Felix Cesbron (France) 14min 25sec, 58.667pts, 4; Joe Boylan (Ireland) 15min 6sec, 64.8pts, 5; Joseph Stephens (Ireland) 15min 20sec, 67.583pts, 6.

Intermediate final (6 sheep): Viktor Larsson (Sweden) 8min 52sec, 48.1pts, 1; Emily Chamelin (United States) 8min 50sec, 49.667pts, 2; Joanne Devaney (Ireland) 10min 41sec, 49.883pts, 3; Pierre-Alain Demierre (France) 9min 13sec, 51.487pts, 4; Sven Scheffler (Germany) 10min 10sec, 54.5pts, 5; Marie Prebble (England) 10min 11sec, 59.05pts, 6.

Junior final (5 sheep): Lucie Grancher (France) 8min 32sec, 43.4pts, 1; Lucas Woznlezko (France) 7min 51sec, 48.75pts, 2; Kevin Burke (Ireland) 7min 54sec, 50.5pts, 3; Melissa Roth (France) 10min 31sec, 50.55pts, 4; Karolin Bunting (Germany) 11min 1sec, 51.05pts, 5; William-Louis Clavel (France) 11min 57sec, 67.25pts, 6.


Blades final (6 sheep): Mayenseke Shweni (South Africa) 14min 18sec, 63.817pts, 1; Bonile Rabela (South Africa) 15min 53sec, 71.817pts, 2; Allan Oldfield (New Zealand) 13min 56sec, 74.8pts, 3; Martin Hopkins (Ireland) 20min 49sec, 92.117pts, 4; Loic Jauberthie (France) 19min 21sec, 94.383pts, 5; Sam McConnell (Northern Ireland) 18min 57sec, 97.517pts, 6.


Open final: Pagan Karauria (New Zealand) 162.4pts, 1; Audrey Lamb (Scotland) 183.2pts, 2; Aled Jones (Wales) 187pts, 3; Tina Elers (Cook Islands) 244.2pts, 4.