Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay catches up with The Muster's Andy Thompson, who is the MC at the South Island Dairy Event (SIDE) in Invercargill.

On with the show:

Winston Peters:

The Deputy PM and New Zealand First leader is at his combative best as he shares his wisdom on the National Party leadership, Labour's cabinet reshuffle, banking, Boris and Winston Churchill.


Emma Higgins:

We ask Rabobank's Dairy Analyst why she's sticking with her forecast $7-15 milk price for the 2019-20 season when the key ingredient, whole milk powder, has fallen for the past six GDT auctions.

Tom Young:

Affco's National Livestock Manager comments on the current red-hot returns for red meat and says conversions of sheep and beef country to forestry will only serve to reduce supply and increase demand for those remaining in the game.

Maria Augutis:

We finally track down our NIWA fill-in forecaster and ask her what's happened to winter?

Andy Thompson:

We head to the South Island Dairy Event in Invercargill where a has-been former West Coast cow cocky has been talking to some real ones.

Listen below: