The action continues at Fieldays on day two where Jamie Mackay catches up with anyone and everyone who is passing The Country at the Village Green.

On with the show:

Damien O'Connor and Te Radar:

The Minister for Agriculture and the voice of the Young Farmer contest talk politics and discuss the benefits of eating your low carbon greens.


Cam Anderson:

Xero's Head of Agribusiness on why innovation is so integral to the success of New Zealand farming.

Peter Reidie:

The Farmlands CEO talks about how his million dollar draw is going at Fieldays.

Clodagh Cavanagh and Julie Sinnamon:

The managing director of Abbey Machinery and CEO of Enterprise Ireland have a chat to Jamie about what they make of New Zealand's Fieldays.

Damian McKenzie:

An injured McKenzie talks about his recovery and how he feels about missing the World Cup. He also reminisces about his early life on the family dairy farm.


Doug Edmeades:

The soil scientist talks fertiliser, Fieldays and his concerns about the future.

Simon Bridges and Nathan Guy:

The National Leader and Spokesman for Agriculture talk about their party's proposals for New Zealand's primary sector that just was announced at Fieldays.

Listen to the full show below: