Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay had a sobering conversation with Rabobank's Michael Every about how the trade war between China and the US could become a cold war.

On with the show:

Michael Every:

Rabobank's Head of Financial Markets Research Asia-Pacific has three words to describe the plight of the global economy and the implications for the NZ Ag sector - ugly, ugly, ugly - saying China and the US are effectively heading for a cold war.


Simon Bridges:

We ask the Leader of the Opposition if last week's Budget leaks resulted in his best week in the job or was it just a smokescreen for burying National's bad news stories. We also discuss Labour's Cabinet reshuffle and whether the Nanny State will slow down our cars and our economy.

Andrew Hoggard:

We canvas the thoughts of the Vice President of Federated Farmers on banks, bovis and biosecurity.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent talks about a stunning State of Origin opener and why Ag classes are becoming compulsory in schools after it's found that 75 per cent of students think cotton comes from an animal.

Listen below: