Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay investigates how climate change may be affecting the aquaculture industry.

On with the show:

Dr Jacqueline Rowarth:

Is a leading farming academic who talks some good old-fashioned common sense about climate change and why agriculture is so important to the New Zealand economy.


Grant Rosewarne:

The chief executive of NZ King Salmon says the aquaculture industry is joining calls for climate action, saying five of the last seven summers have seen the hottest water temperatures on record at their salmon farms.

Nathan Penny:

ASB's Rural Economist comments on the prospects for tonight's GDT auction, an opening season forecast, interest and exchange rates, the Wellbeing Budget and Trump v China.

Nathan Guy:

National's Spokesperson on Agriculture rips into Shane Jones for calling farmers moaners and agrees with the sentiment that forests can't feed the world.

Doug Avery:

We head to Port Douglas to yarn to a Resilient Marlborough farmer about Day Two of the PPP Farming Conference.


Listen below: