"Ports aren't exactly people's number one viewing choice," says Ports of Auckland head of communications, Matt Ball.

That's why Ports of Auckland has partnered with UK-based YouTube sensation Tom Scott to create the 'Hundred-Tonne Robots That Help Keep New Zealand Running' – a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into the automated straddle carriers being tested at the port.

Ball says while social influencers have been big business for consumer brands for some time, social influencers for corporate storytelling is less established.

"We have to try much harder to tell our story. We're trying to break the mould by using a variety of traditional and social channels.


"Tom is great at telling complex stories in an engaging and relatable way, so we jumped at the chance to work with him when we heard he was coming to New Zealand.

"It's a good news story about a great Kiwi innovation but it's very hard for us to get the story out. We're delighted with Tom's video as it tells that story to a whole new audience. The feedback has been terrific."

Scott, a content creator, entertainer, educator, web developer and presenter, has a significant social following and amassed over 300 million views on his YouTube channel.

Scott uses a combination of aerial shots, machinery close-ups and interview grabs to help showcase Ports of Auckland's shift to automation.

Ball says automation is extremely important in helping Ports of Auckland handle more freight without reclaiming more harbour.