Kiwifruit Strap
The kiwifruit industry has bounced back from the devastation Psa which wiped out Zespri's golden Hort 16A crop almost 10 years ago.

It ruined vines. It ruined orchards. It ruined lives.

Today kiwifruit is the biggest horticulture export out of New Zealand and the sector is booming, but as Carmen Hall reports, it is facing new threats,

Every kiwifruit orchard in Waihi, 99 per cent in Te Puke and 97 per cent in Tauranga have Psa.

But other threats like the Queensland fruit fly and Brown Marmorated Stink Bug are high on the industry radar, experts say.

Latest Kiwi Vine Health figures show 92 per cent of kiwifruit hectares nationwide were battling the bacterial disease while the wider Bay of Plenty has the highest number recorded.

Chief executive Stu Hutchings said the South Island and the Far North were the only kiwifruit-growing regions not affected.

Kiwi Vine Health chief executive Stu Hutchings. Photo / File
Kiwi Vine Health chief executive Stu Hutchings. Photo / File

Kiwifruit Vine Health was established in December 2010 to lead the industry's


Kiwifruit threats

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