This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Shaun Haynes, a dairy farmer turned dog triallist, for a chat about next month's New Zealand Dog Trial Championships.

This week's top interviews are:

Damien O'Connor:

The Minister of Agriculture talks about the threat to farming from animal rights groups, the CGT backdown, the latest on M. bovis, and why he can wear socks for three to four days on end.


Chelsea Millar:

Is a social media expert with Grass Roots Media who was in Paris when the Notre Dame burned down (where she was wearing her Young Farmers' hat). We also talk about a crackdown globally on social media.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent and ANZAC mate tells us a wonderful story of WWI bravery from his great uncle Geoff Henderson.

Listen below:

Shaun Haynes:

Courtesy of major sponsor Rabobank we head to Northland, venue of the New Zealand Dog Trial Championships beginning May 27, to talk to Kaikohe cow cocky about heading and hunting sheep!

Simon Bridges:

National's under-fire leader is not having a bar of Matthew Hooton's column suggesting Jacinda Ardern is on track for triumph in 2020.

Steve Hansen:


We take our weekly look at Super Rugby, today with an All Blacks coach, courtesy of Farmside - connecting rural New Zealand to high speed broadband.