It was a day the people of Ngongotahā will never forget.
The skies opened up and nearly 52mm of rain fell in just one hour on the morning of April 29, 2018. Over the coming hours that figure more than tripled as flood waters ripped through houses and wreaked havoc. One year on, Leah Tebbutt looks back on that fateful day and visits some of the families affected.

K urt den Hertog and I meet with a large screen door between us.

A large pallet sign sitting outside his house with all the colours of the rainbow splashed over it has caught my eye and I smile warmly hoping to gain some insight.

The screen door opens and I am told to keep my shoes on as den Hertog chuckles, "I'll have to take my shoes off too."

The warm air is comforting as I step inside escaping the cool autumn temperature.

Anyone who drives past his Western Rd home will be all too familiar with the bold letters outlining his fear of flood waters terrorising his home but on the day