Weber sheep and beef farmers, Simon and Trudy Hales took out the prestigious Horizons Ballance Farm Environment award and on Thursday you can visit their farm to learn how they've achieved this success.

The couple also won the people in primary sector award, the livestock farm award, the agri-business management award, the predator-free farm award and the farm stewardship award.

They became the third consecutive winner of the supreme award from the Tararua, with Shaun and Tracie Baxter in 2017 and Andrew Hardie and Helen Long in 2018.
The Hales own a 970ha sheep and beef farm near Weber, with more than a century of lifeblood flowing through its veins and took out the supreme regional award, thanks to their determination and hardwork, the judges said.

Raising their two small children, Rocky and Alby, while helping their business to thrive sustainably so it can endure and continue to succeed in the hands of future generations, the Hales have enjoyed an impressive journey to date.


The Hales have included the retirement or exclusion of the the majority of the Akitio River from stock and Trudy's propagation of native seedlings with seeds sourced locally or on farm, will be planted within riparian areas, allowing areas to revert to scrub for biodiversity values and the development of a health and safety plan.

"Simon and Trudy show strong forward-thinking. They run their property with the environment in mind and want to leave it in a good state for their future generations," the judges said.

The couple said they would like to see greater recognition of farmers who are doing the right thing for the environment.
"So many farmers are committed to 'doing the right thing' but, like anything, doing what's right isn't always what's easy, particularly when it comes to making financial commitments, but we are willing to make those investments," they said.

At the awards, Tararua District mayor Tracey Collis and her husband Mike won the sustainability and stewardship award for the work they've done on their Eketahuna dairy farm.
The Hales' Field Day:
* Kereru Farm, 52 Gordon Rd, Weber, tomorrow, Thursday, March 28 from 9.30am-2.30pm.
* On the day a quad bike or side by side is required for the farm tour. Helmets required.
* Have your ATV is cleaned and soil removed prior to entering the property.