There was a big yarding of boner cows at Rongotea today, with long term cattle struggling as the dry weather continues reported Darryl Harwood of NZ Farmers Livestock.

2 year Friesian-Hereford steers 310kg-316kg made $2.52/kg-$2.56/kg, Belted Galloway cross steers 268kg made $450 and Friesian steers 279kg made $610.

2 year Friesian-Hereford bulls 472kg made $1010, White Galloway cross bulls 362kg made $760 and Jersey bulls 340kg made $560.


2 year Friesian-Hereford heifers 321kg-441kg made $1.85/kg-$2.39/kg, Friesian heifers 422kg made $900 and cross bred heifers 270kg-410kg made $1.52/kg-$2.11/kg.

Weaner Friesian-Hereford bulls 145kg-205kg made $350-$500, Beef Shorthorn cross bulls 204kg-295kg made $600-$670 and White Galloway cross bulls 265kg made $630.

Friesian bulls 146kg-158kg made $435-$450, Angus cross bulls 180kg made $450 and cross bred bulls 137kg-167kg made $300-$385.

Weaner Friesian-Hereford heifers 127kg-190kg made $450-$460, Angus cross heifers 122kg-162kg made $390-$450 and White Galloway cross heifers 237kg made $630.
Friesian boner cows 435kg685kg made $1.50/kg$1.56/kg, Friesian cross boners 339kg-570kg made $1.35/kg-$1.60/kg.

In the calf pens Friesian bull calves made $340 and Angus cross bull calves made $280-$330.

Angus cross heifer calves made $165-$300.

Wagyu cross heifer calves made $200-$280.