A lot has changed for Northern Hawke's Bay farmer Marg Baynes in the 10 years since she and daughter Ingrid established a world lamb shearing record.

For one, she's now got nine grandchildren, and Ingrid's now married with three of the brood, with husband, fellow world record-holder Rowland Smith.

But one thing hasn't changed: Marg Baynes, now aged 64, still doesn't shy-off a challenge, even if it is shearing a few sheep based on not a lot of it since her last full day, when she shore 433 lambs on the day she once thought had "buggered" her for life — January 13, 2009.

She had injured her back a couple of days earlier dragging lambs from the pens for crutching before the record in which Ingrid shore 470.


Marg Baynes, who manages the finishing block on the family farm she operates with husband Colin off SH38 west of Wairoa, had to find sheep to shear as she prepared first for the Shear for Life fundraiser in Ashburton on February 23.

Son Lachie, a Hastings shearer who operates a trailer servicing shearing for mainly small blocks, came up with the goods, and once tuned into the handpiece she knew she'd have to put it to good use.

It followed that she shore in the "Evergreens" event at the Golden Shears in Masterton last week, and now she's paid up the $45 in the New Zealand Shearing Championships' first women's event in Te Kuiti later this month.

She's not expecting much, she's never been a competition shearer, and it would be a "huge surprise" if she went any further than the heats. She's proud to be doing something to show it can still be done.

"I've never been in a final at anything," she says. "It's about participation."

While she didn't get past the heat in Masterton, there were plenty of other things to do, like looking after grandchildren while the son-in-law Smith was winning his 6th Golden Shears open title, and a place at this year's worlds.


Transtasman shearing (6 merino, 3 longwool, 3 second-shear): Australia (Daniel McIntyre 18min 6.788pts, 71.089pts; Jason Wingfield 17min 42.835sec, 72.559pts; Callum O'Brien 17min 22.279sec, 83.031pts) 226.679pts, beat New Zealand (Nathan Stratford 18min 43.28sec, 71.831pts; John Kirkpatrick 19min 26.058sec, 78.97pts; Rowland Smith 18min 59.599sec, 79.647pts) 230.448pts.


Transtasman woolhandling: New Zealand (Joel Henare, Sheree Alabaster) 356.9pts beat Australia (Melanie Morris, Sophie Huf) 412pts.


Open final (20 second-shear sheep): Rowland Smith (Maraekakaho) 17min 24.923sec, 59.146pts, 1; Nathan Stratford (Invercargill) 17min 55.739sec, 61.537pts, 2; Aaron Haynes (Feilding) 18min 21.577sec, 63.429pts, 3; Mark Grainger (Te Kuiti) 17min 21.287sec, 64.364pts, 4; David Buick (Pongaroa) 17min 46.795sec, 67.04pts, 5; John Kirkpatrick (Pakipaki) 17min 54.461sec, 70.223pts.

PGG Wrightson Wool National Circuit final (3 merino, 3 corriedale, 3 longwool, 3 second-shear, 3 lambs): Paerata Abraham (Masterton) 19min 15.082sec, 76.687pts, 1; Cam Ferguson (Waipawa) 18min 24.298sec, 77.482pts, 2; Brett Roberts (Mataura) 20min 43.195sec, 78.694pts, 3; John Kirkpatrick (Pakipaki) 20min 23.825sec, 79.725pts, 4; Ringalaha Paewai (Gore) 21min 42.387sec, 81.652pts, 5; Ethan Pankhurst (Masterton) 20min 53.583sec, 85.813pts, 6.

Senior (12 second-shear sheep): Connor Puha (Kimbolton) 13min 51.376sec, 49.152pts, 1; David Gordon (Masterton) 13min 23.89sec, 40.278pts, 2; Jade Maguire Ratima (Winton) 13min 41.748sec, 51.587pts, 3; Lionel Taumata (Taumarunui/Gore) 13min 23.594sec, 52.096pts, 4; Alex Smith (Rakaia) 14min 6.665sec, 53.916pts, 5; Willy Tahere (Taumarunui) 14min 0.726sec, 53.916pts, 6.

Intermediate (8 second-shear sheep): Mark Ferguson (Elsthorpe) 12min 8.064sec, 43.778pts, 1; Paora Moanaroa (Eketahuna) 10min 46.794sec, 45.715pts, 2; Chris Dickson (Eketahuna) 11min 20.446sec, 46.397pts, 3; Keith Swann (Wairoa) 12min 40.033secs, 48.752pts, 4; Brayden Clifford (Gore) 12min 31.806sec, 50.09pts, 5; Cullum Pritchard (Pongaroa) 12min 26.631sec,50.832pts, 6.

Junior (5 second-shear sheep): Brodie Horrell (Gore) 8min 48.176sec, 37.009pts, 1; Topia Barrowcliffe (Piopio) 9min 40.641sec, 37.232pts, 2; Atawhai Hadfield (Ruakituri) 9min 30.559sec, 37.728pts, 3; Levi King (Motu) 8min 59.993sec, 39pts, 4; Mark Gwynne (Wales) 8min 57.186sec, 39.059pts, 5; Katie Reid (Scotland) 10min 3.371sec, 39.369pts, 6.

Novice (2 second-shear sheep): Adam Gordon (Masterton) 5min 12.475sec, 17.124pts, 1; Taylor Lock (Weber) 7min 34.495sec, 31.225pts, 2; Gus Berger (Ahuroa) 10min 12.112sec, 37.106pts, 3; Rennee Biggs (Mangamahu) 7min 41.97sec, 39.099pts, 4; Alice Watson (Blenheim) 8min 39.955sec, 40.498pts, 5; Keahrey Mason (Piopio) 8min 7.358sec, 41.868pts, 6.

Golden Shears Women's final (6 second-shear sheep): Emily Welch (Waikaretu) 9min 15.858sec, 35.627pts, 1; Pauline Bolay (Canada) 9min 47.475sec, 37.374pts, 2; Laura Bradley (Woodville) 9min 11.843sec, 41.092pts, 3; Sarah Higgins (Blenheim) 10min 0.141sec, 42.84pts, 4; Jills Angus Burney (Masterton) 9min 33.541sec, 46.677pts, 5; Jackie Paku (Wairoa) 12min 6.187sec, 56.309pts, 6.

Student Challenge (one sheep each): Pukemiro (Jesse McIntyre and Connor McIntyre) 8min 45.394sec, 38.27pts, 1; Smedley 8min 25.106pts, 2; Waipaoa 8min 5.993sec, 41.3pts, 3; Rathkeale 11min 33.57sec, 44.679pts, 4.

Maori Pakeha Teams final (5 second-shear sheep): Brett Roberts (Mataura) and Sam Welch (Waikaretu) 72.634pts, 1; Riki Chase (Taihape) and Michael Fabish (Stratford) 75.975pts, 2; Leon Samuels (Ohai) and Ant Frew (Pleasant Point) 76.169pts, 3.

Tui Encouragement Invitation (6 second-shear sheep): Casey Bailey (Riverton) 6min 2.205sec, 26.277pts,1; Ethan Pankhurst (Masterton) 6min 41.212sec, 27.228pts, 2; Matene Mason (Masterton) 6min 43.258sec, 27.329pts, 3; Turi Edmonds (Raetihi) 7min 4.82sec, 28.907pts, 4, Lachie Baynes (Wairoa/Hastings) 6min 33.623sec, 29.348pts, 5; Dylan McGruddy (Masterton) 5min 56.008sec, 40.3pts, 6.


— open final (six longwool fleeces, 4 second-shear): Joel Henare (Gisborne) 114.92pts, 1; Ana Braddick (Eketahuna) 212.6pts, 2; Chelsea Collier (Gore) 239.9pts, 3; Candy Hiri (Mataura) 269.9pts, 4.

World Championships NZ selection series final (7 longwool fleeces): Pagan Karauria (Alexandra) 142.62pts,

Results from Golden Shears

1; Sheree Alabaster (Taihape) 164.2pts, 2; Keryn Herbert (Te Kuiti) 181.1pts, 3; Chelsea Collier (Gore) 187.68pts, 4. Karauria and Alabaster will represent New Zealand at the 2019 World Championships in Le Dorat, France, on July 1-7.

North Island Circuit Open (3 longwool fleeces, 3 second-shear): Sheree Alabaster (Taihape) 159.38pts, 1; Pagan Karauria (Alexandra) 185.8pts, 2; Eramiha Neho (Dannevirke) 199.5pts, 3; Keryn Herbert (Te Kuiti) 255.98pts, 4.

Senior (4 longwool fleeces): Jeremy Goodger (Masterton) 202.2pts, 1; Ngaira Puha (Kimbolton) 209.2pts, 2; Tyler Hira (Onewhero) 269.5pts, 3; Nova Kumeroa Elers (Mataura) 325.2pts, 4.

Junior (4 longwool fleeces): Sunnii Te Whare (Ohai) 159.1pts, 1; Krome Elers (Mataura) 230.1pts, 2; Shyla Karaitiana (Masterton) 263.2pts, 3; Lucas Broughton (Whanganui) 344.98pts, 4.

Novice (2 longwool fleeces): Adam Gordon (Masterton) 132.2pts, 1; Sylvia Dickson (Eketahuna) 144.7pts, 2; Elma Baker (Featherston) 162.16pts, 3; Eleri Bradley (Woodville) 176.3pts, 4.

Wool pressing — men's singles (target weight 170kg): Vinnie Goodger (Masterton) 12min 1sec, 174.5kg, 40.55pts, 1; Ricci Stevens (Napier) 15min 57.09sec, 174.5kg, 52.354pts, 2.

Women's singles (target weight 150kg): Fiona Healey (Masterton) 18min 32sec, 144.5kg, 79.6pts, 1; Christine Wolland (Pahiatua) 18min 22sec, 141kg, 103.1pts, 2.

Pairs (target weight 180kg): Jeremy and Vinnie Goodger (Masterton) 8min 3sec, 179kg, 36.15pts, 1; Adam and Joseph Gordon (Masterton) 10min 11sec, 169.5kg, 92.05pts, 2.
Novice (target weight 150kg): Ray King (Piopio) 17min 28sec, 152kg, 72.4pts, 1; Cody Short (Masterton) 15min 23sec, 148kg, 90.15pts, 2.

Triathlon (shearing, woolhandling, woolpressing): Vinnie Goodger (Masterton) 128.048pts, 1; Jeremy Goodger (Masterton) 146.244pts, 2; Jimmy Samuels (Marton) 176.451pts, 3; Ricci Stevens (Napier) 195.148pts, 4.

Veterans — Evergreens shearing (2 sheep): Peter McCabe (Tauranga) 3min 34.496sec, 17.725pts, 1; Richard Pearson (Carterton) 4min 3.412sec, 19.171pts, 2; Russell Knight (Apiti) 3min 43.3sec, 20.165pts, 3; Kevin Buckman (Apiti) 3min 21.369sec, 27.068pts, 4; Allan Williams (Masterton) 4min 48.283sec, 27.414pts, 5; Neil Sidwell (Kaukapakapa) 3min 59.966sec, 34.398pts, 6.

Evergreen woolhandling (2 second-shear): John Hodder (Carterton) 139.1pts, 1; Piki Tipiwai-Samuels (Palmerston North) 215.5pts, 2; Mate Purewa (Gisborne) 279.2pts, 3.
Young Farmers Clubs national championships — YFC Blue Ribbon Open final (6 second-shear sheep): Jack Fagan (Te Kuiti) 7min 20.238sec, 30.179pts, 1; Brett Roberts (Mataura) 7min 22.055sec, 30.436pts, 2; Hemi Braddick (Eketahuna) 7min 12.035sec, 33.102pts, 3; Jimmy Samuels (Marton) 7min 5.922sec, 33.462pts, 4; Tegwyn Bradley (Woodville) 7min 32.757sec, 33.638pts, 5; Ethan Pankhurst (Masterton) 7min 32.346pts, 6.

Shearing and woolhandling teams: South Island (shearers Duncan Higgins, Ethan Pankhurst; woolhandlers Sam Gordon, Tyler Hira) 182.3pts, 1; East Coast (shearers Hemi Braddick, Ruka Braddick; woolhandlers Ngaio Hansen, Ana Braddick) 245.8pts, 2; West Coast (shearers Jimmy Samuels, Connor Puha; woolhandlers Samantha Baxter, Ngaira Puha) 266.2pts, 3.

Quality awards: Best quality points in heats: Shearing: Open, Rowland Smith (Maraekakaho) 4.33pts; Senior, Alex Smith (Rakaia) 4pts; Intermediate, Mark Ferguson (Elsthorpe) 2.75pts; Junior, Matthew Smith (Otorohanga) 3.5pts. Best quality in finals: Open, Rowland Smith (Maraekakaho) 6.9pts; Senior, Connor Puha (Kimbolton) 7.583pts; Intermediate, Mark Ferguson (Elsthorpe) 7.375pts; Junior, Topia Barrowcliffe (Piopio) 8.2pts. R.E.O'Hara Memorial Trophy (best quality in finals all grades): Rowland Smith.

Women in shearing: Open, Emily Welch (Waikaretu) 10.56pts; Senior, Sarah Higgins (Blenheim) 5pts; Intermediate, Jackie Paku (Wairoa) 13.25pts; Junior, Kimberley Maclean (Motueka) 5pts.

Woolhandling: Open, Keryn Herbert (Te Kuiti), 72pts; Senior, Lucky Garrett (Eketahuna) 94pts,; Junior, Sunnii Te Whare (Ohai) 118pts. Overall (Les Field Memorial): Keryn Herbert.