Spoiled diners at a central Auckland restaurant didn't have to wait long for a feed of the deep south's famous oysters — the favourites landed on plates last night, just one day into the official Bluff oyster season.

Viaduct Harbour restaurant Hello Beasty nabbed a stash of the sought-after seafood for its dinner menu.

The season opened on Friday, but the process of gathering and transporting the first haul meant the shellfish usually didn't arrive in Auckland until about a week later.

Hello Beasty proprietor and executive chef Stu Rogan said the Japanese-Korean inspired eatery will be serving the seafood delicacies two ways — natural with Japanese black vinegar and lemon, or battered Karaage-style with yuzu-kosho mayonnaise.


They'd landed 50 dozen oysters yesterday and expected 100 dozen more next week, he said.

"We were super lucky to get our hands on these ones. I don't want to reveal my sources, but let's just say we managed to pulled a few strings."

But shellfish lovers might need some deep pockets, with a dozen oysters setting patrons back $60.