Despite receiving some bad news on Monday, Winton Amies, of Naseby, was determined to enjoy a day out at the Maniototo A&P Show yesterday with his dog Ruby and his 1938 Pontiac 38.

On Monday, he was told he had cancer in his throat and would need to have a biopsy to determine what sort of cancer it was and what treatment he would require.
''Part of me is upset,'' Mr Amies said.

He decided it was important to do what he loved and that included spending more time with the Pontiac and Ruby, which is why he drove the car to display at the show.

The lure of whitebait fritters on sale at the show, which they are both partial to, also helped.


''It is where I am going to put my energy and I want to enjoy it while I can.''

He was one of hundreds who attended the annual event in Ranfurly.

Other activities included a fleece competition, quilting exhibitions, produce and baking competitions and Young Farmers dog trials.

Mr Amies was one of a handful of locals taking part in the vintage vehicle exhibition.
He is a keen collector of model cars and trains and runs the Naseby Motoring Museum.

He was thrilled when he heard the Pontiac was for sale last year.

It is 80 years old and had been owned by only one family.

He bought it on Good Friday last year and has not restored it, preferring to keep it in its original condition.

''I am so proud of it and intend to leave it as it is,'' he said.


''I had one when I was 16 and Mum and Dad sold it so I've been looking for another for the past 30 years.''

The car has been well looked after, still flies through its warrant of fitness inspections and has no rust.

He added a new fog light he bought from the United States, as well as a steering wheel spinner.

Ruby is also a fan of the Pontiac.

''The day I got it, she was in the back seat and I couldn't get her out.''

Now they both enjoy travelling in the vehicle.


''It is a very special car.''