Big numbers of sheep and cattle mostly sold well at yesterday's store sale at Stortford Lodge.

A feature of the sheep sale of more than 5000 head was the number of capital-stock ewes on offer as a result of farm sales.

They mostly sold well to a good bench of buyers.

The lamb offering was made up mostly of Chatham Island lambs which also sold up to expectations.


The cattle sale of more than 800 head was described as "good in parts" with young stock selling particularly well but some lines of bulls and in-calf heifers proving harder to shift.
This was put down to feed drying up and easing bull schedules.


VIC 2┬Żyr heifers: Mahurangi Station, Wairoa, 17 ang, av weight, 523kg, 286c/kg, $1500/head; 30 the same, av weight, 458kg, 290c/kg, $1330/head; 13 the same, av weight, 483kg, 269c/kg, $1300/head; 18 the same, av weight, 490kg, 257c/kg, $1260/head; 23 the same, av weight, 427kg, 272c/kg, $1165/head; 16 the same, av weight, 442kg, 286c/kg, $1270/head; eight the same, av weight 431kg, 280c/kg, $1210/head; Kaikora, Otane, (Cap stock) 21 m/a cows, rwb, 224c/kg, $1550/head; Wharekauri Holdings, Chatham Island, 12 empty ang-cross cows, av weight 299kg, 170c/kg, $510/head.

Steers: 18mnth, Halliwell Trust, Patoka, 32 ang, av weight, 370kg, 342c/kg, $1265/head; Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, 27 ang, av weight, 339kg, 363c/kg, $1230/head; G and L Hutchinson, Porangahau, 20 ang, av weight, 349kg, 343c/kg, $1200/head; seven the same, av weight, 314kg, 385c/kg, $1210/head; Mahurangi Station, Wairoa, 14 ang, av weight, 345kg, 343c/kg, $1195/head; six the same, av weight, 296kg, 364c/kg, $1080/head; J Powdrell, Wairoa, 17 here-cross, av weight, 354kg, 336c/kg, $1160/head; S Norman, Chatham Island, nine here-cross, av weight, 320kg, 346c/kg, $1110/head; Brynaren Trust, Waipukurau, six ang, av weight, 375kg, 340c/kg, $1275/head; H and A McCallum, Taupo, 24 here-fries, av weight, 456kg, 298c/kg, $1360/head. Wnr: Mahurangi Station, Wairoa, 16 ang and ang-here, av weight, 207kg, 375c/kg, $780/head; 13 ang, av weight, 168kg, 394c/kg, $665/head; S Herries, Maraekakaho, seven dairy-cross, av weight, 105kg, 242c/kg, $255/head.

Bulls: 18mnth, R Thompson, Nuhaka, 38 here-cross, av weight, 481kg, 265c/kg, $1275/head; 44 ang-here, av weight, 494kgm, 255c/kg, $1265/head; 15 charo-cross, av weight, 476kg, 259c/kg, $1235/head; 25 ang-here,. Av weight, 460kg, 258c/kg, $1190/head; J Powdrell, Wairoa, 15 ang, av weight, 348kg, 248c/kg $865/head; J Kamo, Chatham Island, 10 crossbred, av weight, 343kg, 230c/kg, $790/head; P Seymour, Chatham Island, six here-cross, av weight, 344kgm, 246c/kg, $850/head; PGW Export, Matapiro, six fries, av weight, 514kg, 229c/kg, $1180/head. Wnr, Wharekauri Holdings, Chatham Island, 15 crossbred, av weight, 220kg, 318c/kg, $700/head; 24 ang-cross, av weight, 163kg, 379c/kg, $620/head; Mahurangi Station, Wairoa, seven ang, av weight, 255kg, 297c/kg, $760/head; five the same, av weight, 214kg, 355c/kg, $760/head; T Pearce, Puketitiri, six crossbred, av weight, 95kg, 396c/kg, $380/head; P Seymour, Chatham Island, six here-cross, av weight, 204kg, 340c/kg, $695/head; Parkhill Estate, Te Awanga, five simm-cross, av weight, 269kg, 338c/kg, $910/head; five the same, av weight, 224kg, 348c/kg, $780/head;

Heifers: 18mnth, Trelinnoe 2018 Ltd, Te Pohue, 21 ang, 304c/kg, $1115/head; Te Matarae, Chatham Island, 20 sth dev, av weight, 332kg, 300c/kg, $1000/head; five the same, av weight, 270kg, 259c/kg, $700/head; H and A McCallum, Taupo, 31 ang, av weight, 376kg, 318c/kg, $1200/head; Inangatahi, P/ship, Puketitiri, 26 ang, av weight, 329kg, 310c/kg, $1025/head; 16 the same, av weight, 292kg, 315c/kg, $925/head; Ngamoko Deer Trust, Norsewood, 24 sth dev, av weight, 462kg, 285c/kg, $1320/head; 12 here-cross, av weight, 409kg, 293c/kg, $1200/head; nine sth dev-cross, av weight, 415kg, 310c/kg, $1290/head; Michelle Thomsen Family Trust, Patoka, 18 here-fries, av weight, 379kg, 280c/kg, $1065/head; Rapaki Farming Co, Waipukurau, 21 ang, av weight, 381kg, 285c/kg, $1090/head; six ang-cross, av weight, 346kg, 245c/kg, $850/head; Mahurangi Station, Wairoa, seven ang, av weight, 281kg, 287c/kg, $810/head; five ang-here, av weight, 388kg, 277c/kg, $1075/head; nine ang, av weight, 340kg, 276c/kg, $940/head; Brynaren Trust, Waipukurau, nine ang, av weight, 306kg, 277c/kg, $850/head. Wnr, Mahurangi Station, Wairoa, 22 ang, av weight, 201kg, 327c/kg, $660/head; 18 the same, av weight, 164kg, 368c/kg, $605/head; T Pearce, Puketitiri, seven crossbred, av weight, 88kg, 409c/kg, $360/head; Wharekauri Holdings, Chatham Island, seven ang-cross, av weight, 202kg, 306c/kg, $620/head; 13 the same, av weight, 151kg, 265c/kg, $400/head.


Ewes: Leelands Ltd, Elsthorpe, (All cap stock) 108 2th pd/rom, $210; 114 6th rom, $187; 230 4yr rom, $194; 87 4yr rom, $184; 286 6th rom, $219; 514 4th pd/rom, $220; 285 2th pd/rom, $211. Parks Peak Station, Wakarara, 244 2th romdale, $8156; 177 5yr romdale, $165; G and L Hutchinson, Porangahau, (All cap stock) 245 m/a rom, $184; 181 m/a rom, $179; 35 m/a rom, $173; 26 2th rom, $182; J Johanson, Chatham Island, 67 m/a, $165; G and E Cameron, Chatham Island, 138 5yr, $160.50; G and S Horler, Chatham Island, 61 m/a rom, $130.50; B and E Tuanui, Chatham Island, 94 5yr rom, $163; Branksome Farm, Tikokino, 123 ma/ rom, $168; 66 2th rom, $123; Allen Farming, Mangleton, 172 5yr romdale, $164; Glendoone, Crownthorpe, 90 2th rom, $192; Parkdale P/ship, Poukawa, 83 m/a rom, $167; R Bullock, Waikoau, 49 2th rom, $117.50; Waiwhenua, Otamauri, 29 2th, $151; R Tuuta, Chatham Island, 35 5yr rom, $137.


Lambs: J Kamo, Chatham Island, 98 ram, $130; Te Awatapu Downs, Chatham island, 142 weth, $109; 91 ewe, $108.50; 66 weth, $110.50; 38 ewe, $100; Kiwi Station, Wairoa, 174 ram, $120; 97 b/f ram, $119; 152 b/f ewe, $112; G and E Cameron, Chatham Island, 201 weth, $118; R Tuuta, Chatham Island, 116 m/s, $104; 89 m/s, $94; Taiko Fishing, Chatham Island, 173 m/s, $110; 45 ewe, $94; Longlands Farming, Hastings, 71 male, $129; Branksome Farm, Tikokino, 78 b/f ram, $110; 42 b/f ewe, $100; J Powdrell, Wairoa, 80 ram, $120; 112 ewe, $109.50; Te Hiwi Station, Omakere, 42 ewe, $97; Wool World, Meeanee, 30 m/s, $109.

Prime sale

The sheep and lamb markets were back at Monday's sale as processing constraints took effect.

Bottlenecks at processing plants have meant more stock has appeared in saleyards with resulting effects on prices. There were no cattle on offer.


Ewes: Slipe, good, $146.50 to $159; good m/s, $168; med, $121 to $134; light, $79.50 to $93.50; shorn, wethers, $160; good, $139; light, $109; woolly, good, $145.
Lambs: Male, $99 to $175; b/f, $134; ewe, $85, $138, b/f, $101, $152; m/s, $109 to $156.50; b/f, $90 to $140.