Bridge Pa sheep dog trialist and chicken farmer Laurie Horsfall and 2018 North Island champion heading dog Raid have got the new Hawke's Bay season under way in style with a long head triumph at the second event of the season last weekend.

Winners of the short head and yard title at last May's North Island championships at Te Aute, won the long head title at the Waimarama-Maraetotara trials at Kahuranaki on Friday and Saturday.

It was a trial which carried on the community and family atmosphere aspired to by centre president Clark Chrystal, who was unable to be present but who had won the zig zag hunt with Duke at his home Waikoau trials a week earlier.

He prefers to judge the success of trials as a community and social events in areas where not a lot else happens at times, but on the courses together nature of it all was highlighted Kahuranaki where partners Becs Baynes and Dave Scragg won the zig zag and straight hunts respectively, with littermates Tom and Kate, respectively.


The season comprises 12 club trials in Hawke's Bay, including the centre championships at Tikokino next month, while trialists will be also chasing national championships qualifying points in neighbouring centres such as Poverty Bay, Wairarapa-SHB, and Wanganui.

Waikoau, February 1-2:
Long head: Bob Bryson, Rex, 94pts, 1; Kevin O'Connor, Jo, 93pts, 2; Rocky Hawkins, Jean, 92pts, 3; Allan Smith, Lad, 91.5pts, 4; Bob Bryson, Bolt, 91pts, 5. Intermediate — Allan Smith, Lad. Maiden — Ian Denton, Tai.

Short head and yard: Aaron Morton, Tarn, 90.5pts, 1; Peter Williams, Star, 87.5pts, 2; Bob Bryson, Rex, 87.25pts, 3; Nigel Clark, Meg, 87pts, 4; Fergus McLean, Spec, 86pts, 5. Intermediate — Aaron Morton, Tarn. Maiden — Mark Murphy, Spit.

Zig zag hunt: Clark Chrystal, Duke, 97.75pts, 1; Kieran Young, Pearl, 97.5pts, 2; Dylan Rofe, Mya, 97.25pts, 3; Kieran Young, Prince, 96.5pts, 4; Micheal McMillan, Jewel, 96pts, 5. Intermediate and Maiden — Kieran Young, Pearl.

Straight hunt: Rocky Hawkins, Kane, 97pts, 1; Grant Magee, Bloke, 96.5pts, 2; Kim Rorrison, Dae, 96pts, 3; Peter Kidd, Punch, 95.5pts, 5. Intermediate and Maiden — Grant Magee, Bloke.

Waimarama-Maraetotara, February 8-9:
Long head: Laurie Horsfall, Raid, 94pts, 1; Jim Wilson, Cap, 93.5pts, 2; Jim Wilson, Jed, 93pts, 3; Tom Manson, 92.25pts, 4; John Bartlett, Honk, 92pts, 5. Intermediate — Jim Wilson, Cap. Maiden — Bruce D'Ath, Honey.

Short head and yard: Kevin O'Connor, Jax, 98.5pts, 1; Bernie Arends, Cane, 98pts, 2; Laurence Rau, Dixie, 97.5pts, 3; Peter Williams, Guide, 97pts, 4; Graham Duff, Jess, 96.75pts, 5. Intermediate — Kevin O'Connor, Jax. Maiden — Bernie Arends, Parker.

Zig zag hunt: Becs Baynes, Tom, 96.5pts, 1; Dylan Rofe, Thump, 96pts, 2; N George, Pitch, 95.5pts, 2; Barney Chrystal, Park, 94.5pts, 4; James Alford, Tess, 94pts, 5. Intermediate — Dylan Rofe, Thump. Maiden — Tom Manson, Chief.

Straight hunt: Dave Scragg, Kate, 96.5pts, 1; N George, Pitch, 96pts, 2; Rocky Hawkins, Kane, 94.5pts, 3; Kim Rorrison, Day, 93.5pts, 4; A Hughes, Chop, 93pts, 5. Intermediate — Dave Scragg, Kate. Maiden — Becs Baynes, Jazz.

Remaining trials dates in trhe Hawke's Bay Centre are: February 16-17, Takapau; February 22-23, Te Pohue; March 1-2, Patoka; March 8-9, Wairoa; March 16-17, Mohaka; March 21-23, Tikokino-Olrig (Hawke's Bay championships); March 29-30, Petane; April 5-6, Okawa; April 12-13, Taradale; April 26-27, Te Aute.