The Tiny House movement is a rapid growth industry brought about largely by customers wanting to do their part for the environment by trimming back excess, and leaving a smaller footprint, but also the significant increase in the cost of home ownership in New Zealand over the past decade.

Tiny House Builders Ltd is a home-grown success story that is testament to the diverse opportunities in the building sector. Started by Rebecca Bartlett nearly two years ago in Katikati, Tiny House Builders handed over the keys to their first happy family in Rotorua and has never looked back.

"At Tiny House Builders, we pride ourselves on providing customers with state-of-the-art design, functionality, efficiency and comfort. We don't believe that a tiny home means any of these features need be compromised."

While it may be just 32sq m in size, the Pohutukawa packs a lot within its bounds, including two bedrooms (on mezzanine levels) a full kitchen, bathroom and living/dining area.


Thought to have been born of the global financial crisis, the tiny house movement is gaining momentum worldwide. Tiny homes have been embraced by people from all walks of life.

"How people are looking to use them has been very interesting. Some want them as baches, some for permanent living. Retirees see potential for living on their children's sections in a tiny house, and others see them as a first step onto the property ladder," Rebecca said.

"Yes, our tiny houses may be small but, then again, they're probably bigger than some apartments in Auckland City." They could even be perfect for orchards or other businesses employing seasonal labour — "easy accommodation!"

Come and see for yourself at the Katikati A&P Show on February 3 where they will have a Tiny House on site for visitors to stand inside and get a feel for the space they have created.