The horse section at the Katikati A&P Show has continued to gain popularity each year with the introduction of the blended hack classes (all one section but with height dividing the classes), and the division of the other slightly more substantial horses into either riding horse or saddle hunter.

Show ponies and saddle hunter ponies will be competing on show day, a section which is always well patronised, and then there's the up and coming riders, says Show president Louellen Davies.

Side saddle rider Frances Buckley.
Side saddle rider Frances Buckley.

"Some of those little lead rein riders are just so focused at times they almost forget to breathe, and then later on, out they go into first year ridden.

"Maybe they can't canter yet but are well on their way to the open ring.


"This is mind-blowing for the little ones."

Show hunter jumping is a great event for the green horse, or just a horse that needs an outing, with heights that vary from 50cm to 1m open, to hack or pony, she said.

Side saddle classes are becoming quite an attraction, especially after the television programme Downton Abbey, with Lady Mary riding side saddle and looking elegant.

"Come and join us at our 97th Katikati A&P Show. We would love to see you there."