This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay finds out how to get young people into agricultural careers with Rabobank's Celine Walters.

This week's top interviews are:

Allan Pollard:

We ask the chief executive of New Zealand Apples and Pears who's going to pick this season's pip fruit crop plus we debunk the myth that the unemployed can get out of bed and make $100,000 per annum planting trees.


Neville Clark:

New Zealand's leading livestock auctioneer comments on the $155,000 paid for a sire stag as the deer industry goes from strength to strength. Plus we ask a former New Zealand champion cowboy whether rodeo is a sport or animal cruelty?

Jeff Grant:

We ask our London-based New Zealand Red Meat Representative, our go-to Brexit Guy in the UK, about the best possible Brexit scenario for New Zealand exporters and farmers.

Jim Hopkins:

Is a rural raconteur who ponders writing a book about blokes and their mai mais plus he says we shouldn't be worried about 2019.

Celine Walters:

We talk to the Waikato Agri-leadership programme director about an excellent Rabobank initiative to encourage our best and brightest Year 11 and 12 students to choose agriculture as a career.

Simon Bridges:

We catch up with National's leader on his way to Ratana and the menu for discussion and debate is Kiwibuild, Wellbeing Budgets and Jami-Lee Ross.

Listen below: