A small top-quality offering of lambs made good money at Wednesday's store sale at Stortford Lodge.

About 1650 of the 2000-odd lambs on offer came from two vendors, Warehau Station, Ohuka, and Glendale Station, Aropaoanui.

They sold to good demand.

The cattle offering of about 75 head was of varying quality and sold accordingly.


Buyers were from Hawke's Bay with one from Palmerston North.


Cows: Wairua Dairies, Aorangi Rd, 21 empty fries, av weight, 503kg, 209c/kg, $1180/head; 15 the same, av weight, 491kg, 203c/kg, $1000/head; six the same, av weight, 477kg, 191c/kg, $915/head.

Steers: Mt Tulloch P/ship, Kahuranaki, six 2½yr fries-cross, av weight, 428kg, 260c/kg, $1115/head; five 18mnth fries-cross, av weight, 329kg, 304c/kg, $1000/head.

Bulls: Fraser Farming, Hastings, eight 2½yr jersey, av weight, 448kg, 245c/kg, $1100/head; L Jones, Puketitiri, four red dev, av weight, 429kg, 272c/kg, $1170/head.


Lambs: Warehau Station, Ohuka, 97 ram, $151; 118 ewe, $135; 180 ram, $127.50; 136 ewe, $115; 57 ewe, $98; 43 ram, $101; Glendale Station, Aropaoanui, 205 weth, $123; 127 weth, $122; 335 weth, $119.50; 190 weth, $100.50; 40 b/f ewe, $122.50; 38 ewe, $106.50; 99 ewe, $90.50; 20 ewe, $95; Kiwi Station, Wairoa, 245 ram, $122; Netherton Station, Mangakuri, 104 b/f m/s, $107.

Prime sale


The prices reflected the quality of the small offerings at Monday's sale.

The offering of about 740 sheep and 134 lambs lacked the quality of the last two or three weeks which was shown in the prices.

There were no cattle on offer.


Ewes: Slipe, good, $150 to $164; med, $129.50 to $137; lighter, $115. Shorn, good, $151.50, $156; med, $135, $138.50; lighter, $115 to $124.

Lambs: M/s, $104 to $170.50; b/f, $138 to $163.50. Ewe, $75, $129. Male, $70 to $170.