Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay investigates why there are only 5.6 sheep per person in New Zealand.

On with the show:

Judith Collins:

Our 'Aucklander of the Day' grew up on a Waikato dairy farm, went to high-profile rugby college and was a Labour supporter from childhood!


Don Carson:

The PR man for the New Zealand Forest Owners Association talks about a doubling of planting for the industry, falling sheep numbers and the prospects of the world halving its meat consumption.

Jeremy Rookes and Jason Uden:

Today's panel features two farming folk from different sides of the farm track!

Lisa Murray:

We ask our Met Service forecaster if the Australian heatwave is coming our way?

Blake Holgate:

Rabobank's Sustainability Analyst discusses a podcast he recorded on the complex issues of carbon farming and carbon credits and why farmers and foresters should consider opting into the Emissions Trading Scheme.


Steve Hollander:

We find the founder of the Hilux NZ Rural Games (March 9/10 in Palmerston North) in the sporting capital of Australasia, Melbourne, where cricket, tennis and baseball are all on the menu today.

Listen below: