Tractors of all sizes, ages and condition rumbled through Taupo Bay for the tiny settlement's fifth annual Tractor Spectacular.

More than 30 teams took part, some going to great lengths to pimp their machines, the prize for best decorated machine going to a controversial but highly topical Gloriavale-themed entry from Whang─ürei, whose crew received special attention from spectators armed with water bombs, hoses and buckets, and celebrated victory with a mass baptism in the surf.

The best team award went to a spectacular Taupo Bay entry based on the Disney movie Moana, with a tractor covered in tropical vegetation towing a 'tinny' converted into an ocean-going waka.

Others chose themes ranging from African drumming to pirates and the surf lifesaving antics of Taupo Baywatch.


Prizes were also awarded for best pre-and post-1970 tractor, best-pimped and most-loved tractors.

Organiser Stephen Jones said a record number of spectators turned out for this time, helping turn the parade into a giant water fight. He and his brother-in-law Michael Redwood had started the event in 2014 as a "salute to the tractor."

"Without tractors we wouldn't have a life here. It's a beach-launch bay, so without tractors there's no boats, and boats give us all the fun things like fishing, access to the bay and biscuiting," he said.