The hog that thinks she's a dog has found her forever family.

Nick and Sophie Land have welcomed Tinkerbell, the nearly two-year-old SPCA kunekune-cross pig, to their Whangara farm.

She has been part of the family for only a few weeks and the kids love her already.

Sophie said daughter Natalie had wanted a kunekune for a long time.


"We tried finding her a little one for her 10th birthday back in August but we didn't have much luck.

"Nat knew pigs are bright and hoped to teach it tricks, so when she heard about Tinkerbell she didn't care how big she was.

"She was just so excited to give her the best home and the fact she already knew some tricks was an added bonus," said Sophie.

Tinkerbell and her
Tinkerbell and her "brothers and sisters" (from left) Cory, Carlos, Kaitlyn and Natalie Land. Photo / Paul Rickard

Tinkerbell was taken to the SPCA by her previous owner because she had become too big for her home.

She was hand-raised from five weeks old as an "inside piglet" and taught to come running when called — just like a dog.

She was toilet-trained and even learned to ring a bell when she needed to go outside.

Tinkerbell's new life as part of the Land family consists of walks with Natalie, missions out on the farm and rolling in puddles.

"On walks, Tinkerbell is right by Nat's side," said Sophie.


"She really is like a dog, it's funny. The kids want to teach her to swim in the pool but I'm not sure that will go down well with their father."

Rest assured, this pig will not end up on a dinner plate. She could instead enter motherhood.

"We have never had a pig before but the kids really want her to have piglets so I guess we will see."