Year in Review: When Sir David Fagan's son Jack gave Boofy the Romney a mullet, he didn't think the results would go viral and become one of The Country's most popular stories of the year.

Te Kuiti has its share of "favourite sons".

You need only drive through the small King Country township's main street to see a statue of its biggest rugby export – the late, great Sir Colin Meads.

There's also another Sir who's pretty handy on a handpiece – New Zealand's most well-known shearer, Sir David Fagan.


But it's a "son" of the ovine variety that's been making waves in the social media world this week - Boofy, a sheep who bears a striking resemblance to All Blacks Liam Squire, Brodie Retallick and Sam Cane.

Boofy is a 4-year-old Romney wether who's best friend is Mo-Jo the horse. Most days, the unlikely pair can be found side-by-side on the Fagan farm, just outside the Te Kuiti town limits.

Boofy before his All Blacks-inspired hair cut at the hands of Jack Fagan. Photo / Supplied
Boofy before his All Blacks-inspired hair cut at the hands of Jack Fagan. Photo / Supplied

And while a sheep-horse BFF scenario is novel, it's Boofy's haircut that has everyone talking.

A fortnight ago, Fagan's son Jack – a gun shearer in his own right – ventured home for a week, before heading to Western Australia for a shearing contract. The current world speed shear titleholder decided Boofy needed a trim, settling on a mullet-style do.

"Jack just came in the door and announced he was going to give Boofy a mullet, like the All Blacks," said David.

"We didn't expect it to take off like this, with Brodie Retallick himself posting a picture of Boofy."

"When our old pet sheep, 'Joe Rokocoko', who was 16 years old died, Mo-Jo was lonely out there in the paddock. So, my brother and his wife gave us Boofy, who was their pet."

"He's the only sheep we have – everything else is all dairy and beef now."


"Boofy's quite a character. He and Mo-Jo hang out together all day, and pose for photos – he's quite the poser!"

"We'd taken some photos when Jack shore him, but the one that went viral I took on my way back to the house one afternoon. Boofy was just standing there at the top of the hill, looking all majestic. He didn't move when I came closer for the picture. It's like he thinks he's a horse too."

A sheep-horse that's captured the hearts of mullet-fans around the country.

Listen to Jamie Mackay's interview with Sir David Fagan about Boofy's famous haircut: