Mycoplasma bovis may be on notice, but the Ministry for Primary Industries still predicts a long battle ahead.

The Government yesterday announced it was confident the cattle disease can be eradicated in New Zealand, in what would be a world first.

MPI's Director of Response for M. bovis, Geoff Gwyn, told The Country's Jamie Mackay that although he was more positive than he was six months ago, the battle was not over yet.

"We've got two years of heavy lifting ahead of us."


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Gwyn said most of the bulk milk testing had been completed and the "results are rolling out now as we speak."

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The response would focus on eradication for at least another year said Gwyn. After that it would move "away from eradication and more into proving we're free of the disease," which he estimated would "probably be a five to eight year programme of work."

However, Gwyn said his attention was currently concentrated on farmers dealing with Mycoplasma bovis this festive season.

"My thoughts and focus right here, right now are on the 200 farmers and their families that are going into Christmas under regulatory control."

"We'll be working through Christmas and New Year, so there will be no service that we're currently delivering that won't be available to farmers."

Also in today's interview: Geoff Gwyn talks about compensation for farmers affected by Mycoplasma bovis.