Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today, writes Don Fraser from Fraser Farm Finance.

• Do it while you can.

• Do it while you are alive!

• Do it because you can.


Just do it!

Where is Don off to this month you might well ask?

Well I have spent a whole business lifetime watching people procrastinate, be stuck, not prepared to spend any money, not being an early adopter, and so on. It has a bit of last month's philosophy in it as well. If you just keep talking you are only repeating what you know, but if you listen, you may learn something new, something that might get you some insight and shift the way you perceive and think.

Procrastination means to postpone, put off doing something.

Other descriptive words include delay, stall, dally, play for time, drag and defer action.

Some real life examples might include :


If you have not got a will now – just do it.


Trustees List of wishes – this is essential – but oh no procrastinate, delay. It is only a matter of calling your solicitor.

Power of Attorney – (money, property and Power of Attorney, health matters).

Forgiveness of Debt to family

Don't die leaving a mess please. Many, many do as they just don't get around to doing it – too busy procrastinating – just do it NOW.

Make a list – and tick the JUST DO IT NOW jobs off.

And then there is settling family grievances. What is the point of going to your grave with an unresolved issue with someone who may have annoyed you over some trivial matter (normally money, I dare say), and who you really should go and have a word with?

Settle it now, while you can.

Listen to Don Fraser talk to Jamie Mackay about his opinion piece below:

Electric bikes

How many people do you know who will not buy one for as many reasons as they can muster.

"Oh no way, can't possibly do that! It's cheating" etc.

The truth is those who do love them, they still get as much exercise and have an "ebike smile".

Family Holidays

I was recently flying back from Wellington and sat beside a bright young man who was obviously going places and we got talking about what he remembered as special when he was much younger.

"Oh," he said, "Our grandfather took the whole family to Asia for a week. We grandkids all wore t-shirts with 'Poppas grandkids' proudly showing, and he wore one with Poppa on it. It was an absolute highlight of his life."

If you can afford it, and are thinking of it – just do it.

Changing Properties

Maybe downsizing, getting yourself in a stronger position by selling surplus assets and so on. My wife sold rural real estate and spent some of her time telling me stories where we grumpy old fellas refused to make the necessary changes only to find it was too late because ill health beat them – just do it now.


If you are thinking of helping your family, giving them financial help with "limited" guarantees, not unlimited guarantees, maybe assisting them into a property – then do it while you can. Do not keep putting it off.

The caveat here is that you must take good legal advice, and with the world markets a bit shaky - is it the best time to be buying and borrowing?

Go play some sport

Ride a bike, take a trip (New Zealand is an excellent place to start), read a book, introduce yourselves to the neighbours, make new friends, try cooking a new recipe and the list goes on. Just do it and do it while you can.

Every day I see fantastic people who have lived a full life being cut down by ill health. It is so sad. Do they wish they had procrastinated less and did more? You bet they do.

Health issues are insidious they just creep up on you and rob you of your ability to "just do it!" And suddenly it is too late. Your health limits what you can do and robs you of the opportunities you had planned. How many people do you know like that? Make sure it is not you.


We all look up to and admire those people who do a lot for everybody and their community.

There is one fellow in the local Lions group here (in fact there are many), but he is in everything, organises this and that and never says no. He has the attitude to do it now, do it while you can, and by the time others have procrastinated he has it done.

Role Models

Look for role models in your community and look at how they just get on with it. How they run businesses, families, travel and still have time to talk to you.

Get brave and have a conversation on how you might be able to emulate them.

I remember when I was a young Registered Valuer and unsure of myself I went and asked a Senior Valuer if he could help me. He was more than pleased to be asked and his wisdom made a huge improvement in my business and ability.

In Summary

Just do it now was my opening line and it is my close too. Get a realist view of yourself and the world, make a list of goals on what you want to do and TAKE ACTION.

Start doing those jobs, or make the changes you need to while you are alive or able or have the desire or money to do so.

Try being an early adopter, try stepping up and try – try – try – JUST DO IT NOW!