Tomahawk Rebel may sound tough, but the miniature horse is now recovering after being the victim of a vicious dog attack.

The 20-something-year-old enjoys retirement in a paddock behind the Emporium on Queen St West in Levin.

His peace and quiet was shattered early Monday morning when a dog managed to enter his paddock.

Tomahawk Rebel's owner Toni, who did not give her surname, said the dog gained access via a neighbouring property by crawling underneath the 3m-high chicken wire fence that surrounds the paddock.


The resident living on the property was alerted to the noise and called Toni, who came and found her precious friend of eight years ravaged by numerous dog bites.

"Parts of his body are badly swollen and the dog has taken a few bites out of him."

The dog grabbed the horse by its throat, but missed the windpipe, Toni said.

She said fortunately his prospects are good, despite the ordeal.

"The vet believes Tomahawk Rebel will make full recovery."

Toni said she is shocked that what happened to her horse is even possible. She has notified police and the SPCA about the attack.

• If you have information about this attack or the dog involved please contact Horowhenua District Council's customer services at 366 0999. They are aware of this incident and the council said it had been in contact with Toni.