When asked how confident he is about winning the battle against Mycoplasma bovis on a scale of one to ten, Geoff Gwyn says he is a "seven".

"I think the numbers are heading in the right direction," MPI's Director of Response for M. bovis told The Country's Jamie Mackay.

Gwyn says there are currently 260 properties under regulatory control, which is "a drop from nearly 300 ... two weeks ago."

Forty-three properties found to have Mycoplasma bovis have now had their infected property (IP) status lifted.


"We're lifting more controls than we're putting down which I think is a good place to be."

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MPI is half way through the sixth (and final) round of bulk milk testing and Gwyn says the results will be sent out to farmers around mid-December.

Although Gwyn is quietly confident about progress so far nationwide, he is aware of the pressure that farmers in some areas are under as they tackle the cattle disease.

"We are still dealing with three particularly affected communities. For them the picture isn't so rosy.

"Places like Ashburton ... some 130 farmers going into Christmas with a regulatory control on their property which is not a good place to be."

Gwyn urges farmers to remain vigilant - "don't take the foot off the throat just because the results are going our way."

Also in today's interview: Geoff Gwyn defends MPI's under-fire compensation process.

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