The best store lambs sold well but anything longer-term was discounted at yesterday's Stortford Lodge store sale.

In the cattle rostrum most of the offering was dairy-cross yearling heifers and bulls which sold to expectations.

Buyers for the yarding of about 200 head of cattle of varying quality and about 2000 sheep were from Hawke's Bay with support from Waikato and Christchurch.



Cows: R and K Mitchell, Eskdale, seven here-cross, av weight, 503kg, 181c/kg, $910/head; six crossbred, av weight,413kg, 186c/kg, $770/head.

Heifers: Yrling, Stonehenge Trust, Whakapirau, 20 here-fries, av weight, 269kg, 291c/kg, $785/head; 12 here-fries, av weight, 243kg, 287c/kg, $700/head; April 24 Trust, Te Hauke, 18 sth dev, av weight, 321kg, 311c/kg, $1000/head; 11 charo-cross, av weight, 312kg, 304c/kg, $950/head; Paritu Enterprises, Maraekakaho, eight here-fries, av weight, 318kg, 282c/kg, $900/head; seven ang-cross, av weight, 321kg, 256c/kg, $825/head; R and K Mitchell, Eskdale, seven crossbred, av weight, 318kg, 265c/kg, $845/head; Oakdale Farm, Raukawa, six here-fries, av weight, 347kg, 271c/kg, $945/head; Hot Springs, Otane, seven dairy-cross, av weight, 311kg, 228c/kg, $710/head. Wnr, Jose Farm, Maraekakaho, 14 here-fries, av weight, 162kg, 336c/kg, $545/head; nine here-fries, av weight, 120kg, 383c/kg, $460/head.

Steers; R and K Mitchell, Eskdale, five 2yr ang-here, av weight, 396kg, 290c/kg, $1150/head. Yrling, Paritu Enterprises, Maraekakaho, seven here-fries, av weight, 394kg, 279c/kg, $1100/head.

Bulls: Yrling, Five Freedoms, Putere, 13 here, av weight, 361kg, $1025/head; Rocket Adventures, Ongaonga, five fries-cross, av weight, 349kg, 225c/kg, $945/head; Top Run, Waipunga, five crossbred, av weight, 198kg, 272c/kg, $540/head. Wnr, Jose Farm Trust, Maraekakaho, 12 here-fries, av weight, 174kg, 396c/kg, $690/head; six here-fries, av weight, 148kg, 431c/kg, $640/head; seven crossbred, av weight, 116kg, 429c/kg, $500/head.


Ewes: Kay Farm P/ship, Pakipaki, 95 5yr, $146.50. Ewes with lambs at foot, R and J Kells, Eskdale, 13 m/a, 18 lambs, $96 all counted; S Magee, Mangateretere, 24 hgts, 25 lambs, $90; Awanui, Pakipaki, 47 hgts, 51 lambs, $90; Stonehenge Trust, Whakapirau, seven ewes, eight lambs, $88.

Lambs: Millstone P/ship, Waimarama, 73 m/s b/f, $120.50; 122 m/s b/f, $104.50; 77 m/s b/f, $84.50; Mangatapriri Station, Elsthorpe, 253 c/o, $120.50; D J Whitfield and Sons, Sherenden, 89 m/s, $109.50; Glenview, Tangoio, 82 m/s b/f, $98; 143 m/s b/f, $88.50; 80 m/s b/f, $74; B Hanna, Longlands, 54 m/s, $115; W4 Farming, Highway 50; 130 ram, $97; 107 ewe, $88.50; D and J Willis, Porangahau, 100 c/o, $91; 110 c/o, $88; 108 c/o, $80; 120 c/o, $70; 57 c/o, $49; Kay Farm P/ship, Pakipaki, 58 m/s, $125;

Prime sale

Cows sold very well at Monday's sale as did the best of the lambs.

Prices eased for a big yarding of about 5000 ewes but the news was better in the lamb pens. The best of the new-season lambs made $206 but most of them were between $100 and $180.

The yarding of 84 cattle was mostly cows with one pen of angus oxen and the rest heifers.


Cows: (Ang, sth dev, fries, jersey, jersey-cross) Av weight, 415kg to 752kg, 165.5c/kg to 225c/kg, $688/head to $1699/head.

Heifers: (Ang, here, fries) Av weight, 520kg to 680kg, 234c/kg to 298c/kg, $1380/head to $1992/head.

Oxen: (Ang) weight, 650kg, 302c/kg, $1963/head.


Ewes: Shorn, heavy, $175; good, $140, $141; med, $130; light, $90; slipe, heavy, $155 to $166.50; good, $138 to $151.50; med, $114 to $128; light, $89; woolly, good, $144.50; med. $118 to $136.

Lambs: Hoggets, l/t, male, $167 to $196; ewe, $161, $181; b/f, $167; m/s, $133 to $186. New-season, m/s, $93 to $178; b/f, $127 to $206; male, $124 to $202; ewe, $107.