A research project is underway to find out as much as possible about the creator of one of New Zealand's most iconic pet foods – TUX.

Federated Farmers and Purina PetCare are working together to gather as much information as possible about Cyril Ralph Moore – AKA Tiny Moore – the creator of TUX dog biscuits.

Stephanie Pritchett, a senior brand manager at Purina PetCare is playing the role of chief detective.

So far, she has found Tiny was a man who cared for animals and their welfare.


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"He was Marlborough's first SPCA inspector. Tiny felt strongly about the nutritional requirements of working dogs, which is why he invented TUX.

"We'd love to learn more about the man behind the biscuit."

The original biscuit has evolved, but only to keep into line with changing science and meeting the nutritional needs of today's dogs, she says.

This is Pritchett's second major project of this kind – the first was to locate the girl who played the role of the child in the Nestle Scorched Almond television advertisement from the '90s, who wrapped individual Scorched Almonds as presents.

"We found her!"

If you have any verified information or photos of Mr Moore could you, please email it to