Two dry-stock farms, one in the Waikato region and one in the Manawatū, have this week been confirmed as infected with Mycoplasma bovis.

The Ministry for Primary Industries said the farms were both connected to previously identified Infected Properties (IPs) through animal movements.

MPI said there were 36 IPs with 42 previously IPs that had had their status lifted. This was as a result of depopulating the infected stock and undergoing the 60-day stand-down period during which cleaning and disinfection took place.

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Seven of the 36 are in the North Island and 29 in the South Island, with 58 properties including the IPs under Restricted Place Notice, and 243 properties under Notice of Direction.

A Restricted Place Notice prohibits all unauthorised movements of farm stock and other risk goods onto and off the property. This minimises the chance of the disease spreading from the property.

A Notice of Direction aims to prevent further spread and doesn't restrict movement of stock or goods onto the farm.

Source: MPI
Source: MPI