Leonie Guiney says she is happy to be back on the board for Fonterra, and is "delighted," with the amount of farmers who took part in the voting process.

"For me this was a test of whether the farmers were sufficiently engaged to care enough to change things - 68 per cent in a co-op came out and voted. That means the co-op has a future".

Guiney told The Country's Jamie Mackay she is ready to put the past behind her and move forward after being pushed out last year and having her name muddied in court.

Just don't call her an activist.


"Activist is a bit of a ridiculous word for a co-op member".

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"I stood up for what mattered in my view in terms of the long-term future of the co-op, and it seems that the farmers have passed judgement on whether I did the right thing, so I'm really happy with that".

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Mackay asks Guiney if it will be uncomfortable working with board members who did not support her in the past.

"What matters in a co-operative is the support of the shareholder owners ... I don't envisage a problem."