Today on The Country Jamie Mackay investigates claims that sheep semen imports pose a biosecurity risk to New Zealand.

On with the show:

Angus Hines:

Our Met Service forecaster updates the polar blast and warns of some late-season frosts.


Dr. Jock Allison:

A pioneer of importing sheep genetics into New Zealand takes issue with Jane Smith's comments on Wednesday's show about the risk of importing Foot and Mouth Disease through sheep semen and poor biosecurity at our borders.

Tim Myers and Smiley Barrett:

Today's panel features the Norwood chief executive and its brand ambassador as we discuss their recent South American sojourn, Fonterra, a great start to spring and what chance the Stags against the Turbos?

Don Carson:

The PR man for the New Zealand Forest Owners Association says his industry is chasing the $6.7 billion red meat industry with horticulture not far behind.

Barry Soper:

Our political correspondent laments the loss of a great mate and passes judgment on Simon Bridges, Jami-Lee Ross, Jacinda Ardern and Mike Hosking.


Nathan Guy:

We catch up with the former Minister of Primary Industries enjoying a day out at the 138th Poverty Bay A&P Show to get his view on the sheep semen saga!

Listen below: