Simon Bridges is more concerned with "the Government's taxing and spending," than tracking down the leak in his own party.

The Opposition Leader told The Country's Jamie Mackay that the source of the leak is "not something I'm thinking about much of the time," as he is more focused on New Zealand's high fuel prices.

Jacinda Ardern has criticised fuel companies for "fleecing" the public over petrol prices, but Bridges reckons the Prime Minister is "the Fleecer in Chief."

Listen below:

"I'm not here to say petrol companies are saints," says Bridges who agrees the margins are "a bit high," but he believes Ardern needs to deal with her Government's fuel tax rather than "have yet another enquiry."


"She's got a five and a half billion dollar surplus, so she could use that - and the Government's got more money because you Jamie [and] me - we've got less."

Also in today's interview: Simon Bridges talks about how he thinks the "shine is starting to come off" the Government.