Ritson Galloway won all four categories at the New Zealand duck and goose calling championships in Taupō.

He also won 'team duck' with younger brother Kellan. The Manawatū teen was with duck and goose callers at the annual Sika show and competition at the end of September.
There were five categories: open live duck, open team duck, open live goose and open team goose.

Ritson began duck calling as a three year old and entered his first competition when he was 10. It was a natural spinoff from duck hunting that runs in the Galloway family. Fifteen-year-old Ritson hunts with his father Andy and grandfather Rusty and 11-year-old Kellan.

He shoots every weekend of the season, including with a hunting and duck-calling friend Ben Schnell. The Freyburg High School student is thrilled with his win, given the two and a half hours practice he puts in when he can.


He's keen to represent New Zealand in the world champs.

"If not this year then some time in the next few years." This year five Kiwis will compete in the champs at the Waterfowl Festival in Maryland, USA.