The Government's freshwater working programme is supported by DairyNZ, says chief executive Dr Tim Mackle.

Mackle told The Country's Jamie Mackay the programme is another step in the work the dairy sector is already undertaking to improve water quality.

"We've been on this journey for a while now ... and ultimately ... we share Minister Parker's vision for improving New Zealand's waterways and the need to accelerate the good work that's already underway in many parts of the country," says Mackle.

"We know that farmers are really getting in behind this".


Listen below:

The dairy sector has been working on improving waterways "for quite some time now," says Mackle, and he believes the results are reflected in last week's LAWA report which demonstrated positive signs at some monitored sites.

However the work is not over yet and Mackle says there are "big decisions" to be made. He encourages farmers to get involved.

"We've all got to be very active, feeding into this process and being very engaged with the Government and with these new working groups that have been set up."

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