Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay catches up with Environment Minister David Parker to take a look at the Government's plans to improve New Zealand's waterways.

On with the show:

Phil Duncan:

We ask our resident Monday weather expert if we're headed for a polar blast on Wednesday and a dry spring and summer thereafter?


Rod Oram:

Is a leading business commentator who argues we urgently need a true multi-generational and overarching forestry policy that creates sustainable carbon sinks. And the answer, he says, is not short term forestry decisions concentrating solely on planting radiata pine as that can deliver adverse outcomes, both economic and environmental.

David Parker:

The Environment Minister says as a nation we have been "kicking the can down the road for too long" over water quality and he intends address it head-on now and not leave the hard issues for future generations. This as the government announced sweeping plans to increase our freshwater quality by introducing increased RMA powers and the regulation of some intensive farming practises.

Steve Wyn-Harris and Grant McCallum:

Today's panel features a Central Hawkes Bay sheep farmer and a Northland cow cocky as we attempt to digest David Parker's latest decree on water quality.

Listen below: