What to do with some types of plastic and how to keep food waste out of landfill are two of many matters vexing Ruapehu councillors working toward a new plan on waste.

They and community board members have had a workshop on a draft waste management and minimisation plan, waste minimisation officer Daniel Allen said. They looked at research, case studies and public submissions.

The submissions strongly supported the council adopting a Zero Waste 2040 option, as some other New Zealand councils have. Councillors wanted to manage waste locally if possible, rather than paying to ship it out of the district.

What to do with plastic of types 3 to 7 will be an issue, because there are few or no options to recycle it at present.


Councillors also have to think about how to keep compostable waste out of landfill. It can make up 50 per cent of what is picked up at the kerb.

They have transfer stations, service levels and rubbish bags to think about, and they wonder whether community groups might like to be involved, as they are in other districts.

"Council isn't always best suited to be delivering a waste management or minimisation service," Allen said.

After the workshop council staff will pull together a report to go to the council's November meeting. It will include extra information councillors have asked for.

With this done the matter could be discussed and the plan adopted in November.