Store cattle sold well, ewes with lambs at foot were back slightly while lambs remained strong at Stortford Lodge yesterday.

A big yarding more than 1500 head of cattle saw 3-year-old steers making up to $3.51/kg.

Traditional breed yearling steers were in good demand with a big yarding of them. Waitara Station, Te Pohue, had 190 yearling angus steers and heifers on offer.

In the 2-year-old steers section Ngati Pahuawera, Putere, had about 350 steers and bulls on offer. The same property sold more than 200 bulls last week.


In the sheep section Cricklewood Station, near Wairoa, had 200-plus ewes with their docked, terminal lambs at foot to be sold. They were back slightly on last week as was the rest of the offering.

The supply of store lambs is drying up as demand for them remains strong.

Buyers were from Hawke's Bay, Waikato, Feilding, Hunterville, Taranaki and Palmerston North.


Steers: 3yr, Moeangiangi Station, Waikare, 31 ang, av weight, 500kg, 349c/kg, $1745/head; 17 ang, av weight, 476kg, 351c/kg, $1675/head; Cam Trading, Te Pohue, 19 here-fries, av weight, 515kg, 302c/kg, $1560/head; Belmont Station, Eskdale, 18 ang and ang-cross, av weight, 537kg, 348c/kg, $1870/head. 2yr, Ngati Pahauwera, Putere, 33 ang, av weight, 425kg, 351c/kg, $1494/head; 52 ang, av weight, 406kg, 350c/kg, $1425/head; 55 ang, av weight, 396kg, 359c/kg, $1428/head; 21 ang, av weight, 403kg, 346c/kg, $1400/head; 40 ang, av weight, 343kg, 368c/kg, $1265/head; 31 ang, av weight, 347kg, 368c/kg, $1280/head; 29 ang, av weight, 404kg, 352c/kg, $1425/head; 21 ang, av weight, 317kg, 337c/kg, $1070/head; 15 ang-here, av weight, 437kg, 319c/kg, $1395/head; 15 ang-here, av weight, 397kg, 348c/kg, $1385/head; 11 ang-here, av weight, 366kg, 278c/kg, $1020/head; 15 ang, av weight, 302kg, 319c/kg, $965/head; 10 crossbred, av weight, 348kg, 301c/kg, $1050/head.

Chesterhope Station, Pakowhai, 27 ang, av weight, 500kg, 351c/kg, $1755/head; Mangatapiri Station, Elsthorpe, 33 ang, av weight, 485kg, 360c/kg, $1750/head; Viewhill Family Trust, Puketapu, 19 sth dev-cross, av weight, 584kg, 340c/kg, $1990/head; Martin Farming, Porangahau, 20 ang-here, av weight, 466kg, 354c/kg, $1655/head; 14 ang, av weight, 456kg 361c/kg, $1650/head; Mesa Farm, Maraekakaho, 19 here-fries, av weight, 438kg, 319c/kg, $1400/head; Apley Ltd, Rissington, av weight, 501kg, 352c/kg, $1770/head; Pakeho Farm, Waimarama, 13 here-fries, av weight, 403kg, 354c/kg, $1650/head; nine here-cross, av weight, 389kg, 276c/kg, $1075/head; 15 here-fries, av weight, 377kg, 287c/kg, $1085/head.

Aratuara Agriculture, Porangahau, 10 ang, av weight, 465kg, 354c/kg, $1650/head; Pukehau Station, Wairoa, 12 ang, av weight, 522kg, 339c/kg, $1770/head; Cam Trading, Te Pohue, 10 ang, av weight, 319kg, 309c/kg, $990/head; seven here-fries, av weight, 345kg, 284c/kg, $980/head; D Torr, Waikare, 27 fries, av weight, 533kg, 283c/kg, $1510/head; Bay Fruit, Eskdale, nine here-fries, av weight, 335kg, 295c/kg, $990/head; 20 here-fries, av weight, 337kg, 267c/kg, $900/head; A and M Tweedie P/ship, Tutira, eight ang, av weight, 413kg, 338c/kg, $1400/head. J and Syme, Waipukurau, five sth dev-cross, av weight, 390kg, 297c/kg, $1160/head. Yrling, Emerald Hill, Waihau, 45 ang, av weight, 318kg, 392c/kg, $1250/head; 18 ang and ang-here, av weight, 316kg, 394c/kg, $1247/head; 18 ang, av weight, 293kg, 378c/kg, $1110/head; Tawhera Farm, Wairoa, 38 ang and ang-here, av weight, 340kg, 410c/kg, $1367/head; Mangatapiri Station, Elsthorpe, 33 ang, av weight, 325kg, 393c/kg, $1280/head; Pukehau Station, Wairoa, 46 ang, av weight, 342kg, 399c/kg $1367/head; 37 ang, av weight, 302kg, 401c/kg, $1212/head; Waitara Station, Te Pohue, 42 ang, av weight, 223kg, 470c/kg, $1050/head; 35 ang, av weight, 206kg, 481c/kg, $980/head; 36 ang, av weight, 187kg, 471c/kg, $885/head;18 ang, av weight, 171kg, 456c/kg, $780/head; 11 ang, av weight, 211kg, 454c/kg, $960/head; eight ang, av weight, 147kg, 469c/kg, $690/head; R Baty, Mangapoike, 15 simm-cross, av weight, 373kg, 304c/kg, $1135/head; Ohiti Farm, Ohiti Rd, 14 simm-cross, av weight, 384kg, 349c/kg, $1345/head; Te Awa Farm, Maraekakaho, 15 ang, av weight, 268kg, 413c/kg, $1110/head; Paritu enterprises, Maraekakaho, 11 ang-cross, av weight, 269kg, 293c/kg, $790/head; 13 ang-cross, av weight, 246kg, 288c/kg, $710/head; B and J P/ship, Kaiapo Rd, 14 here-fries, av weight, 255kg, 337c/kg, $860/head; I Turner, Waipawa, five ang-cross, av weight, 359c/kg, $780/head.

Bulls: 2yr, Ngati Pahauwera, Putere, 21 fries, av weight, 552kg, 302c/kg, $1670/head; 16 ang, av weight, 489kg, 327c/kg, $1600/head; 23 fries, av weight, 535kg, 299c/kg, $1600/head; Hicks Farming, Waiwhare, 26 fries, av weight, 421kg, 310c/kg, $1310/head; 13 fries, av weight, 434kg, 296c/kg, $1290/head; 10 fries, av weight, 445kg, 309c/kg, $1375/head; A Black, Nuhaka, 22 fries, av weight, 516kg, 313c/kg, $1620/head; 20 fries, av weight, 479kg, 325c/kg, $1560/head; Punawaitai Farm, Pourere, five fries, av weight, 406kg, 261c/kg, $1060/head; five fries, av weight, 340kg, 250c/kg, $850/head; Wairunga Ltd, Waipoapoa, 19 fries, av weight, 450kg, 308c/kg, $1390/head. Yrling, P Scheele, Glengarry, 15 here-cross, av weight, 279kg, 311c/kg, $870/head; B and J P/ship, Kaiapo Rd, five fries, av weight, 242kg, 318c/kg, $775/head.


Heifers: 2yr, Kohorau Farming, Waiwhare, 22 ang and ang-cross, av weight, 420kg, 311c/kg, $1310/head; 17 ang and ang-cross, av weight, 384kg, 302c/kg, $1160/head; C Brownlie Spraying, Kotemaori, 15 ang, av weight, 369kg, 285c/kg, $1055/head; nine ang, av weight, 335kg, 253c/kg, $850/head; Arataura Agriculture, Porangahau, 22 ang, av weight, 451kg, 328c/kg, $1480/head; Bay Fruit, Eskdale, 13 here-cross, av weight, 318kg, 251c/kg, $800/head; Apley Ltd, Rissington, 12 ang and ang-here, av weight, 444kg, 314c/kg, $1400/head.

Heifers: J and A Powdrell, Wairoa, 32 ang-cross, av weight, 245kg, 361c./kg, $885/head; Waitara Station, Te Pohue, 14 ang-here, av weight, 168kg, 368c/kg, $620/head.


Ewes, lambs at foot: Cricklewood Station, Wairoa, 62 ewes, 80 b/f lambs, $109 all counted; 51 ewes, 81 b/f, $104.50; 44 ewes, 65 b/f, $110; 31 ewes, 50 b/f, $110; 34 ewes, 48 b/f, $113.50; Sentry Hill, Ashley Clinton, 62 ewe, 82 lambs, $105.50; Mangatapiri Station, Elsthorpe, 44 ewes, 78 b/f, $107; 45 ewes, 67 b/f, $110.50; 37 ewes, 60 b/f, $110.50; Maraenui Farm, Meeanee, 19 ewes, 24 b/f, $82; Rocky Basin, Kaiwaka, 31 ewes, 41 lambs, $91.50; 10 ewes, 10 lambs, $94.50.

Lambs: Bremner Holdings, Whakaki, (Cap stock) 189 ewe, $195.50; Hautope Land co, Hautope, 274 c/o, $169; 395 c/o, $156; 67 c/o, $149.50; G and R Horler, Chatham Island, 100 m/s, $142.50; 68

m/s, $131; Ohinemana Farm, Chatham Island, 74 m/s, $138.50; 55 m/s, $119; Hill Sixty, Wairoa, 55 m/s, $165.50; R Dawson, Ridgemount, 34 ewe, $141; 55 ewe, $128.50; 23 wether, $147.50; 29 ewe, $126.50; M O'Dwyer Trust, Tikokino, 54 ewe, $138.50; B and J Harrison Trust, Tukituki, 64 ewe, $195.50; A and S Mackenzie, Dartmoor, 30 m/s, $152.50; Tahaenui Station, Wairoa, 30 m/s, $152.50; 21 m/s b/f, $157; Mangatapiri Station, Elsthorpe, 39 m/s, $142.

Prime sale Ewes continued to sell well in a quality yarding at Monday's sale. One pen of heavy ewes broke the $200 mark

The best of a big yarding of more than 2500 lambs also sold up to previous weeks with many pens making more than $200. A small yarding of 20 cattle sold up to expectations.


Cows: (Fries, here-fries) Av weight, 529kg to 570kg, 205c/kg to 214c/kg, $1084/head to $1262/head.

Oxen: (Ang) Av weight, 637kg, 310c/kg, $1974/head.

Heifers: (Crossbred) Av weight, 485kg, 280c/kg, $1358/head.


Ewes: All slipe, heavy, $220; good, $190, $190.50; med, $163.50, $171.50; lighter, $1323 to $141.

Lambs: Male, $125 to $227; ewe, $149 to $216.50; m/s, $172 to $191.50.¦