Around 100 Waiouru residents are up in arms after the New Zealand Defence Force closed its large landfill off State Highway 1 two weeks ago without any warning.

Ruapehu District Council waste minimisation officer Daniel Allen said this week that the closure of the landfill had come as a complete surprise to everyone - ''not just those residents in Waiouru".

"I know people and a few contractors throughout the region who used the landfill regularly - well it was free.''

Though he has heard a few stories about the reason for the closure, mostly blaming the weather, no one really knows, he said.


"The army hasn't made an announcement so we actually we don't know why.''

Allen said of course there were people calling up and blaming the council.

"But it's absolutely nothing to do with us.''

However, the closure means the council will now have to step in for those 100 residents, he said.

"We're talking about setting up a kerbside collection for them.''

But feelings about the closure has also meant there needs to be a public meeting, he said.

A community public meeting will be held on Thursday, September 12 at 5.30pm to 7pm at the Waiouru Community Centre.

Allen said he understood how the residents felt.

"One minute it was there and it was free and now it's closed down - no explanation.''

To leave refuse at the Ohakune Waste Transfer Station it costs you $42.50 a cubic metre, he said.

"Big difference.''

In the Ruapehu region the main landfill area was at Owhango, near Taumarunui, he said.

The Waiouru closure had been frustrating because the council was told initially the large landfill wouldn't close for another 18 months.

"Hopefully we will be given the reason at the public meeting.''