Fans of The Country radio show will be familiar with "The Mackaiser," a heady Pilsner created by Emerson's Brewery and dedicated to host Jamie Mackay's cheeky nickname which was coined to reflect his "iron-fisted" rule over his co-workers.

It turns out this in-house pun has created an unexpected global connection.

South African journalist Anthony Mackaiser wanted to keep his writing skills honed by setting up a blog. When he googled his surname to find his recently-acquired domain name he discovered something completely different.

"Instead of finding my blog I found your beer," an intrigued Mackaiser told Jamie Mackay when he contacted The Country to investigate.


Listen below:

As luck would have it Mackaiser is a former Media Manager for the Springboks so rugby fanatic Mackay relished the chance to quiz him about his background.

Mackay has promised to send Mackaiser some beer to sample, and Mackaiser has promised Mackay he didn't have anything to do with poisoning the All Blacks at the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Also in today's interview: Mackaiser talks about the state of farming in South Africa now that the government has begun the process of seizing land from white farmers.